I Am a Writer

It was in the year 2012 that my family (myself included) moved from Chennai to Mumbai. My memory is questionable, but while unpacking boxes, I came across old encyclopedias and books and in most of them had random tidbits written all over! My sisters and mom always tell me that I was quite the trouble-maker and that I had the uncontrollable habit of writing, not scribbling, on anything and everything I came across – my victims would often be any kind of book. As long as it had a small amount of empty space, I was set to write anything – be it a word, a sentence or a whole paragraph or nonsense. I guess that was the start of my writing streak.

I cannot remember the first time I gained the interest, but I do remember that I loved reading books. Those very books are the reason I started writing. Reading every story, every word increased my jealousy of the author’s ability. I wanted to make people feel the way I wanted them to feel; I wanted them to think that the world in my book was the only world that existed; I wanted them to be sucked in, undergo the same trials and tribulations, feel things they couldn’t fathom and towards the end, render them speechless.

I began writing stories after stumbling upon FanFiction.net. After reading hundreds of stories written by individuals who were just like me, I was inspired. My first story was a FanFic and it unplugged something in me. I could no longer stop thinking, could no longer cease various ideas from popping in my mind. I felt wonderful.

I can’t call myself the best writer out there; and I can hardly find the time I need to write these days. I haven’t read a book in a while and I’m beginning to think that I’m forgetting the language. It’s scary, but I’ve started taking the effort to write down things that wisp by, even if they are two words, or one sentence; anything to prevent my writing from deteriorating even further. Hopefully, it’s working and hopefully, I’ll go back to the way I used to write but better. I need to keep telling myself that I am a writer and everything will be okay … right?


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